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10 Coins | 5 Winners

I picked the bottom and now I’m gifting my Crypto Case Portfolio to the Trade Travel Chill community!

I’ve chosen 10 coins I think will do well over the next few months and I want to gift them to you, simply for being a part of the community & helping me reach 5,000 subscribers on YouTube!

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Share my YouTube content to help us get to the 5,000 subscribers as soon as possible so winners can be chosen!

Crypto Case Purchase Prices.png


There are 5 chances to win & each winner will win 2 of the cryptocurrencies in the crypto case
Competition is open worldwide
Winners will be chosen once we reach 5,000 Subscribers on the TTC YouTube channel
$100 was allocated to each crypto in the crypto case for a total investment of $1,000 USD and the original purchase prices are in the image above
As crypto is a volatile market, there can be no guarantee on the coins value

WIN! My Crypto Case: Services


Your Questions Answered

The Crypto Case Competition is run by Trade Travel Chill Pty Ltd

Winners are chosen by random selection by TTC and will be announced on YouTube and possibly other social media channels

Winners are chosen at TTC’s discretion and our decision is final, there will be no negotiation

Winners must accept the cryptos gifted to them and they cannot be swapped for anything else in the crypto case

Winners will be contacted via social media and will need to prove identity before coins are dispersed

Winners will need to provide a wallet address and are responsible for making sure their details are correct

Should incorrect wallet address be provided, TTC will not be held liable & the gift will be forfeited

In the event a winner cannot receive the crypto for legal reasons, you will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be chosen

If you are under 18 and chosen as a winner, you must get parents permission before we transfer the crypto to you

No bots!

TTC may replace any coin in the Crypto Case at any time if we feel it’s under performing and replace it with another crypto in an effort to achieve the best outcome for our community

In the event the crypto case wallet is hacked or private keys lost, the competition will be automatically cancelled

TTC has the right to change or terminate the competition at any time, without notice, if deemed necessary should circumstances arise out of our control and participants agree to waive any rights in respect of this competition and agree to no recourse against TTC.

By taking part in the competition, you agree to the terms and conditions in its entirety.

*This competition is not sponsored or endorsed by YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Discord in anyway.

WIN! My Crypto Case: FAQ
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